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Nail Fungus Treatment

Home Remedies for Nail Fungus

homeremediesfor nail fungus

home remedies for nail fungus

Lets discuss “Home Remedies for Nail Fungus” here. Across the globe, there are probably millions of people who suffer from various degrees of nail fungus. In United States alone, there are around 40 million people suffering from nail fungus. Although, we take it lightly but in real sense it often turns out to be painful and troublesome. Not only it is itchy but also is painful, if left untreated. But, what matters most is the embarrassment. People having nail fungus tend to avoid open shoes. The distorted nails make them feel embarrassed in front of public. So, people try any and everything to get rid of it. However, getting to know the right treatment can be confusing. We often end up trying home-made remedies and not opt for proper medicinal treatment.

However, home-made remedies, especially for nail fungus has no productive impact but a sheer waste of time. Home-made remedies are nothing but a myth. Let us review them to know why home remedies for nail fungus is a waste of time.

Chlorine Bleach: It is said that soaking feet in a solution of chlorine bleach and water can help cure nail fungus. One portion of chlorine is used in 10 portions of water to make this solution. Now, we all know that chlorine bleach is a chemical. Regular use of such corrosive chemical could be harmful to skin. Also, inhaling the fumes of this chemical can be harmful. If children by any chance come in contact with chlorine bleach, it can turn out to be extremely fatal.

Beer: They say the solution made of beer of room temperature, vinegar and half an amount of acidophilus can be effective for nail fungus. You need to soak your feet in this solution for half an hour for at least a month. But too much of soaking (in any solution for that matter) can damage the skin and harm your feet.

Vinegar: This possibly the only home-made remedy that has very less side effect. Few drops of apple cider or white wine vinegar can be good for your fungal affected nails. However, this does not have a quick effect but takes a long time to work. A regular use of it up to six months can only fetch you some result.

Vicks Vaporub: Often people use this cough suppressant as a remedial measure for nail fungus. It is considered that rubbing this suppressant over the fungal area can give a positive response. However, reality is not that. Neither FDA nor the manufacturer approved that this can heal nail fungus.

Listerine: This is a mouth wash composed of menthol, thymol, methyl and salicylate. It is said that soaking your infected nails in Listerine can give some positive result. However, this too has its own share of side effects. As it is an alcohol based solution, soaking your feet in this can be painful, especially if you have cracks.

All these home remedy treatments are time consuming. You need to perform them every day for months together. It is extremely difficult to use them on a daily basis. Not only home-remedies for nail fungus is a waste of time, but can also be very expensive. Though the products used in these home remedies are considered cheap, when used daily for months, they might be quite expensive.

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