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What is Nail Fungus actually?

Before explaining nail fungus cure that work, first lets understand what is nail fungus. The nail fungus, also known as onychomycosis, is a fungal disease of the nails. The nails on the hands and feet can be affected, but the infection is more likely to affect the toenails. The pathogens are sprout or filamentous fungi, rarely occur yeast or mold fungus. The fungi themselves are not dangerous to humans or even life-threatening, but can lead to complications. So you should not be sick with an infection, as it can lead to serious consequences such as hospitalization. Can it be cured? Is there any nail fungus cure that work? Lets continue.

What are risk groups for nail fungus?

Not every person is equally prone to nail fungus. The largest risk groups for nail fungus are particularly common in patients with diabetes mellitus, eczema on the nails, psoriasis or general circulatory disorders. Older people are also affected more often because their immune system is weakened by the natural aging process. Immunodeficiency drugs, such as those used in cancer or autoimmune diseases, also increase the risk of nail fungus. For such patients, infections with nail fungi are more dangerous than for healthy people because their immune system can not fight the fungi alone.

What are the symptoms of Nail Fungus?

Nail fungus first causes the edges of the nail to change. They become a bit more brittle and develop discoloration. At first they look white, then they take on an increasingly yellow tone. Sometimes they are gray or brownish. Finally, the discoloration also spreads inside the nail and ensures that it turns completely yellow. In addition, the nail loses its shine, looks dull and dull. In addition, the entire nail plate thickens, which makes it harder to cut, for example.

If you should discover such discoloration on the nails, you should have these nail fungus symptoms examined by a doctor to obtain security, whether it is really nail fungus or possibly just psoriasis. The doctor immediately recognizes whether it is a true nail fungus and not only on the basis of the discolored areas, but also on the thickening of the nail. Of course, with the necessary background knowledge, you can even see for yourself if it really is a nail fungus that has been affected by it, but you should still take it to visit a doctor, just to have clarity.

The nail fungus diagnosis does not take long and after just a few minutes you know what’s going on. The first official act of the doctor in case of suspected nail fungus disease is to thoroughly disinfect the affected areas in order to counteract an early multiplication of the fungus. In addition, the nail is shortened slightly to facilitate effective work.

After the first nail fungus diagnosis is still a staining of the cut nail material. This process is carried out with the help of a very special ink, with which the doctor can immediately recognize the individual fungal threads and make initial statements about which fungus it is exactly and how far this is already represented. Only when this extensive diagnosis is over can the doctor give precise information on how to proceed with further treatment.

Nail fungus cure that work

Nail fungus cure that work is the Zetaclear solution. What is ZetaClear? ZetaClear is an innovative and unique combination of two highly effective agents that help you to quickly and effectively get rid of your nail fungus. Both an externally applied solution and an oral homeopathic spray are used. Cautious estimates indicate that at least 35 million people are affected by nail fungus, which often affects the toenails but sometimes also the fingernails. Some experts suggest that Onychomycosis – the scientific name of this highly annoying fungal infection even affects one in ten worldwide. ZetaClear can not only be used successfully for the treatment of nail fungus, but is also suitable for the treatment of other cosmetic problems or diseases. Not only can this novel remedy easily remove any annoying corneal deposits, but also effectively treat athlete’s foot.

Nail fungus cure that work zeta clear

How is Anti Fungal ZetaClear used?

In the first step, the athlete’s foot, the corneal deposit or the nail fungus are spread over the treatment with the ZetaClear solution. This is best done with a suitable brush. With this, the special solution is applied carefully, comprehensively and thoroughly to the affected areas. This fights the problem center directly and efficiently. Then the Antifungal ZetaClear oral spray – up to three times a day – taken orally by spraying it under the tongue.

Thus, the homeopathic ingredients contained therein can be optimally absorbed and transported through the bloodstream to the appropriate places in the body. The combined application should be carried out until the problem has completely disappeared.

How fast ZetaClear helps?

Both the results of scientific research as well as the reports of benefits prove that in the treatment of corneal deposits, athletes foot and nail fungus therapy with antifungal ZetaClear provides very quickly for positive results. Responsible for this are not only the many highly effective ingredients of the highest quality, but also the effective combination of external and internal application.

Positive changes in the affected areas are usually visible as early as two weeks after the start of therapy. First, the skin that surrounds the affected nail, smoothed by the application, cleaned and feels noticeably softer. Subsequently, the infection or cornea is formed back. With regular combined use, the problem is soon completely eliminated.

Nail fungus cure that work zetaclear

Which ingredients are included in ZetaClear?

Many of ZetaClear’s valuable ingredients have been used by many homeopaths and medical professionals around the world to combat nail fungus, athlete’s foot or similar diseases. But for the first time, ZetaClear combines all of these active ingredients in a multicomponent therapy that
efficiently combines both internal and external treatment as well as the findings of school and natural medicine as well as homeopathy.


Ingredients of the ZetaClear solution

The ZetaClear solution contains a number of special oils as well as undecylenic acid.  Research shows that this unsaturated fatty acid effectively combats fungal diseases by killing nail and foot fungus, among other things.

Tea Tree oil extracted from the branches and leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia has been used by Australian aborigines. After some supporters of classical medicine had initially expressed skepticism about the effectiveness of the substance, has now been proven by scientific studies that tea tree oil has an antimicrobial effect. This tea tree oil is one of the valuable natural substances that inhibit the progression of infections and destroy annoying fungi – such as nail and foot fungus.

The oil of jojoba was already appreciated by the indigenous peoples of America and used as an ingredient in remedies. It is not only characterized by an anti-inflammatory effect, but also contains valuable substances such as provitamin A or vitamin E. Affected skin is gently maintained by jojoba oil and effectively protected from drying out. Oils with a high vitamin E content are so important that the ZetaClear solution also uses a special “vitamin E oil“. If the human body has enough of this vitamin, it prevents the skin from becoming wrinkled or dry quickly. In addition, a good supply of vitamin E also heals injuries better and faster.

Lemongrass oil – which is particularly appreciated in Asia – is used in many cosmetic products. The essential oil exudes a fresh and soothing citrus odor, without the need for artificial additives.

Clove oil not only gives the ZetaClear tincture an exotic-spicy smell. Also known as eugenol substance also inhibits inflammation and also acts disinfectant against bacteria.

Ingredients of the ZetaClear oral spray
The ZetaClear oral spray contains a combination of highly effective agents that have long been used successfully in homeopathy. This is to preparations – such as antimony Crudum, Arsenicum album, Nitric Acidum, Sulfur and Thuja.


What is the risk of using ZetaClear?

The effectiveness of many medical preparations is bought by sometimes significant side-effects. Although ZetaClear is highly effective, it causes – according to current knowledge – no negative side effects. That’s why you can use the doubly effective ZetaClear even for extended periods of time, even without hesitation. Even financially, you do not take any risks with ZetaClear.

After all, the manufacturers of ZetaClear are so convinced of their product and its effectiveness that they will refund you the full purchase price as part of a money-back guarantee if the use of ZetaClear does not have a positive effect on you.

Zetaclear nail fungus natural treatment


How is it possible to prevent nail fungus

Similar to athlete’s foot, nail fungus thrives best in moist, warm surroundings. This is given in the toe gaps when sweating through sports or high temperatures. If possible wet socks should therefore be changed and the feet should be washed. In addition, you should pay attention to natural materials such as cotton, as these promote the evaporation of sweat, if you can not change the socks immediately – artificial materials prevent this more. High-risk patients should also talk to their doctor about protective measures if they feel they are a danger.

The doctor may suggest methods tailored to the individual’s disease to effectively prevent nail fungus. Preventing nail fungus is a sensitive topic that people do not like to talk about. Especially in the hot summer months, more and more people are affected by nail fungus and lead the hard fight to get back to nicer nails.

But what can you do to prevent nail fungus?

It should always be remembered that the nail fungus not only stick to the nails, but also spreads to the surrounding environment. Thus, apart from the nails, other things such as shoes, socks, stockings and the washcloth are affected. The big problem is that the fungus can always spread in these places and get back on the nail if you can not effectively prevent nail fungus.

Wash clothes hot – For this reason you should wash your laundry with the highest possible temperature so that the fungus can not multiply and its spores are killed. Since fungi are very stubborn creatures you should wash your laundry at 90 ° if possible, since 60 ° are considered by most spores. Of course you should also make sure that the laundry can survive such high temperatures without harm. On many websites, it is also advised to put the shoes in the freezer to prevent or combat nail fungus. A temperature of-20° should help to ensure that the shoes are again free of fungi and their spores. However, this is not proven and many scientists believe that this is not true at all. On the contrary, freezing is considered a gentle preservative, so that the fungi can not be killed in this way.

Barefoot run against nail fungus – Barefoot running at the best it is, in fact, when you encounter the summer heat barefoot, as here a fungal attack can only very rarely come about. In addition, frequent barefoot walking ensures that the feet are better supplied with blood. This improved blood flow drastically reduces the risk of fungal attack. In addition, the uneven areas of the floor are a healthy and above all free massage for the feet. Also with the nail care like the pedicure or the popular manicure it can happen that one does something wrong. Who wants to prevent nail fungus should best leave these things to a professional, since even the smallest tears or cuts increase the risk of catching a nail fungus.

Home remedies for nail fungus:

There are plenty of guide pages, and the list of allegedly effective against nail fungus home remedies is considerable. Here are some of the most common recommendations:

Apple cider vinegar or vinegar essence Vinegar is the most frequently mentioned tip. Its effect as a nail fungus home remedy is justified by the fact that mushrooms are more comfortable in basic or neutral milieus. Vinegar is due to the high acidity kill the mushrooms. Usually, the natural remedy apple cider vinegar is recommended for this purpose. This is blotted directly undiluted several times a day on the infected nail, preferably with the help of a cotton swab. Alternatively, one part of vinegar and one part of warm water can be mixed for a 15- to 20-minute footbath. While in most cases apple cider vinegar is mentioned, some sources also speak of vinegar essence as a nail fungus home remedy. It is an up to 25% solution of acetic acid in water. Also, the vinegar essence is applied several times a day with a cotton swab undiluted on the affected nails.


Another recommended nail fungus home remedy is garlic. It should be used raw, and preferably as a combination cure: The juice is painted on the affected nail fungus nail. In addition, sufferers should consume one to two toes every day. In this way, it is said, the fungal infection is fought from the inside and from the outside.

Tea tree or lavender oil

Some essential oils are attributed to their pleasant scents and fungicidal properties, thanks to which they are to be suitable as a home remedy for nail fungus. In this context, tea tree and lavender oil are particularly frequently mentioned. Both should be applied with a cloth or cotton bud several times a day on the diseased nail.

Baking powder

Also, baking soda should have an amazing effect as a home remedy for nail fungus. Before use, it is mixed in a bowl with a little water to a pulp. With this porridge, the infected nail is painted several times a day.


Probably high-percentage alcohol is called because of its disinfecting effect also with nail fungus as home remedy. It should be applied directly to the affected area, just as in wound disinfection.


It may sound strange, but toothpaste is one of the recommended nail fungus home remedies. The effect is attributed to the fluorine contained in the toothpaste, which allegedly has a strong antifungal effect.

Wick VapoRub

This popular ointment is mostly used for flu symptoms and colds. However, it can also be very helpful for nail fungus diseases. Using Wick VapoRub Wash the area to be treated and dry well, then apply a small amount of the ointment so that it can move in well. This treatment is used twice a day, the last time best for the night before bedtime, so that the ointment can work all night long.

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