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ZetaClear, a natural solution to fungal nail infection

The signs of nail fungus are usually painfully obvious. Thickened nails, a crumbly or brittle texture, distortion of the shape or color and seperation of the nail from the nail bed are only a few of the symptoms more than 35 million people are facing. It can occur on the fingernails, although this is less common, and the toenails. A fungal nail infection can be extremely difficult to treat, and is often a source of major insecurity. ZetaClear is an powerfull, all natural solution based on oils and fatty acid that will help you get rid of your infection and give you the confidence to show your healthy nails to the world.

nail fungus treatment

nail fungus treatment

What is nail fungus?
Nail fungus is caused by fungi, microscopic organisms, that often enter the skin through the small sperations between nail and nail bed. It is difficult to treat because of the perfect growing conditions in your nails. The fungus is protected, it’s warm and moist. An infection may begin with only a yellow or white spot under your nail, but as it spreads it may cause your nail to discolor, thicken and crumble. If left untreated the infection can, in the worst case, destroy the nail and nail bed.

 zetaclear works

zetaclear works

ZetaClear, a solution described by many health professionals and used by hundreds of thousands of people, combines natural ingredients that have well-known anti-fungal, anti-microbial and disinfectant qualities. It’s a two-step solution which combines a anti-fungus topical solution with a homeopathic spray. The topical solution works under the surface of the nails while the Zetaclear homeopathic spray combats the fungus directly into the bloodstream. These two products combined ensure that not only the symptoms are treated, but also it’s deeper roots. It will moisturize the nail and get rid of the infection and yellow color without causing harm or side effects. With ZetaClear your nail fungus will be treated efficiently and safely, and the results will be visible within weeks!

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